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well first why wont are union let us see the actual voting slips that people use to vote a shop stewart in the election. People who vote are always asking how the f#$@ did the a hole get in no one seems to have voted for these guys.

How come are union rep was always showing up at work not to talk to use but to but to come and just sit and talk the manager about nothing related the union rep was doing this every day till one of the honest shop stewart brought it up at there meeting and like magic he stopped.The same stewart before he supposedly got voted in was a stewart in the warehouse and the company we work for invented a job for him being in charge of the forklift mechanics before he went to the union office. When he supposedly got voted in as chef stewart he went to the union office and there was no posting for someone else in the warhouse to take the job they just hired some one from the outside for the position. The other shop stewarts are no better we have one stewart who is honest. He lets us now whats going on they other stewarts are always telling us nothing.

there are people who do run but are never voted in I personally believe that the stewart that are in fix the votes so that they stay shop stewart and as for someone saying they don't get payed for being shop stewarts that not true ever time they have a meeting the company gives them a paid day off because the had meetings. I could go on but I think that's enough for now. I now that some union people think im bad mouthing the unions. Im not ive worked for two other companies that had unions never any problems with them .

This union Im in now is a joke its basically pay your dues and shut up about whats going on never mind that one of our brothers in being discriminated against by both sides the company we work for fires people for the same thing our shop stewarts do every day. nothing.

Most of the stewarts have easy jobs like janitor and theyhave a hard time doing that. Like I said our stewarts are well looked after by our company.

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