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This filthy labor union is corrupt and refuses to provide fair representation to its members.

The union colluded with the employer to strip members of Teamsters Welfare Fund medical benefits by forcing a vote on an unseen contract.

Members unknowingly voted away their benefits, discovering the slick trickery months after the fact.

Those who spoke out in opposition to the corruption faced termination.

The union and employer retaliated in unison.

The union refused to provide fair representation, as the employer openly acted in gross violation of the contract.

This activity took place at LaGrasso Brothers Produce in Detroit, MI and Miceli & Oldfield in Taylor, MI.

Teamster Local 337 is located in Detroit, MI.

The local president is Lawrence Brennan.

The local vice-president/business agent is Reno Mifsud.

The feds need to drop the hammer on this operation.

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Plainsboro, New Jersey, United States #1180045

So what can be done about this because if we let this happen then what's next


This surprises you? The history of absolute corruption is well documented.

It's not James R Hoffas union anymore. No balls.

Suckass to the company. Sucks

Detroit, Michigan, United States #883170

Yep all that Reno is goid for is sitting his lazy butt at the casnio next to det no union hall


I am very happy with the service provided by Local 337! I couldn't imagine not having them.

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