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The contract signed by Reno Mifsud, vice president and business agent of Teamsters Local 337, and the employer states, "The Company and Union agree that they will not discriminate against any employee in violation of applicable anti-discrimination laws."

Why then, in the grievance process, does this corrupt labor union state that it doesn't deal with harassment and racial discrimination?

Why would a labor union so hostile to African-Americans think it should have the opportunity to represent large numbers of Detroit residents in a new city-wide recycling program?

Mayor Dave Bing, City Council President Charles Pugh, and the public need to know how Local 337, attempting to conceal collusion with the employer, turns a blind eye on the employer's ongoing harassment and racial discrimination against an African-American member in a joint effort to eliminate the threat of exposure.

Teamsters Local 337 gives a wink and a nod to the employer's campaign of daily terror against the member by refusing to provide fair representation in the face of clear violations of the contract and the law.

Teamsters Local 337 and the employer have been warned verbally and in writing many times that their behavior is unacceptable and intolerable.

Ceasing the harmful, racist, discriminatory behavior and restoring the violated member is not optional.

The union and employer are not going to subject African-American members this kind of outrageous treatment and keep stepping like nothing happened here.

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